An add for TaxiPlus. A headline is shown. A TaxiPlus is shown from above, the driver holding open the passenger door open. A line connects the cab to a special TaxiPlus feature.

Simply Simple

To enjoy the best of TAXIPLUS is really simple. Especially if you use the TAXIPLUS App. When activated the app will spot your current position and show you immediately how fast a TAXIPLUS can reach you. With one tap the best cab will be ordered just like that and be on it’s way to you. It cannot get more simple. Any additional requests such as a front door or doctor’s office pick up can easily be selected within the app. Tap. Tap. Ordered!

Of course paying for fares is also made easy with TAXIPLUS. Creditcards can be saved within the App and you won’t have to think about carrying cash or your debit card around. Paying for the fare of another person is just as simple. Just order a ride for your friend or Buddy within the TAXIPLUS App. Then you can track the ride. If you wish you can allow a Buddy to order a cab that you sponsor (your kids or parents for example)