An add for TaxiPlus. A headline is shown. A TaxiPlus is shown from above, the driver holding open the passenger door open. A line connects the cab to a special TaxiPlus feature.
A TaxiPlus driver offers a helping hand to an older lady getting out of a TaxiPlus.

Mobility Aid


TAXIPLUS drivers are trained to competently assist people with temporary or chronic mobility issues or special needs with getting in and out of the cab, carrying luggage or accompaniment to their destination.

You’re travelling with luggage? TAXIPLUS drivers will gladly pick you up from your doorstep and assist with any baggage.



Your TAXIPLUS driver will gladly pick you up from the doctors or accompany you to the physician’s office.



Getting to the Vienna Hauptbahnhof has never been this easy. Your TAXIPLUS driver will gladly accompany you directly to the platform by using the elevators in the garage.



Thanks to the VIP airport service your ride home has never been shorter. Your TAXIPLUS driver will await you in the arrival hall, while the vehicle is waiting for you in the closest parking lot (K3). While other’s are still dragging their luggage to the taxi stand you’ll already be halfway home or at the hotel.