An add for TaxiPlus. A headline is shown. A TaxiPlus is shown from above, the driver holding open the passenger door open. A line connects the cab to a special TaxiPlus feature.

Family & Friends

Sometimes there are situations where having your kid be picked up by a cab would be really convenient. But a child alone in a cab? With the innovative TAXIPLUS app your child won’t be alone. With the Buddy-feature you can easily order the TAXIPLUS on your own smartphone and track the whole ride. You can also pay for the fare within the App. Reassuring for both you and your kid.


But the Buddy-feature is capable of even more. You can allow a Buddy to book rides on your account. Convenient for your partner, ideal for kids and teenagers old enough to go out at night. When mom sponsors the fare, daughter or son will definitely make their way home safely with a TAXIPLUS.

For people in care or caretakers the Buddy-feature is a big relief. Why not book a TAXIPLUS to pick up your parents from the doctor’s office to get them home safely? It’s a cakewalk with the Buddy-feature. It even informs you when the ride has started and ended.