An add for TaxiPlus. A headline is shown. A TaxiPlus is shown from above, the driver holding open the passenger door open. A line connects the cab to a special TaxiPlus feature.
A small boy sits in the backseat of a TaxiPlus and smiles into the camera.

Kids Rides

Your TAXIPLUS driver will gladly pick up your children. Simply select a raised child seat when you order your TAXIPLUS and the car will be equipped with a corresponding fixture. If your child has to be somewhere on short notice, TAXIPLUS offers the perfect service in their repertoire. With the innovative Buddy-feature in the TAXIPLUS APP you can order rides for another person, track their ride on your smartphone and pay for the fare with your app.

This way you can rest assured that your kid is in good hands and everything is taken care of. Additionally you can put in a specific adress and contact person for the pick up of your charge within the TAXIPLUS APP. The driver will know exactly where to deliver your child and who will await them. Door-to-door accompaniment guarantees your kid’s safe arrival at practice, the doctors, the other parent or any other location.