An add for TaxiPlus. A headline is shown. A TaxiPlus is shown from above, the driver is walking to the open trunk, pulling a suitcase. A line connects the cab to a special TaxiPlus feature.



Whether your goal is a relaxed trip to the airport or you want to be brought home or your hotel comfortably after a long journey – with TAXIPLUS you’ll ride better.

With the TAXIPLUS APP you can conveniently order a pickup directly from your front door. The airport flatrate applies to trips to Schwechat.

If your bed is all you long for after your business trip or long distance-flight, opting for the TAXIPLUS airport VIP service means a driver will await you in the arrival hall. The cab will be parked at the closest parking lot (K3). You’ll be the first one back on the road and will be able to relax immediately. Of course you can select the airport VIP service directly in your TAXIPLUS App.