New cabservice plus you plus free training plus TAXIPLUS good for business

TAXIPlus Auto

TAXIPLUS is looking for you

TAXIPLUS is a taxi-service with the highest claim of quality and new service-offers – for an extraordinary ride experience.  To accomplish this TAXIPLUS needs motivated drivers – like you. You will receive additional training free of charge for maximums service quality and passenger satisfaction. This will also help up your revenue.


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Advantages plus TAXIPLUS

More Revenue

TAXIPLUS convinces with more comfort and better service. This means satisfied customers and and increase in demand and revenue for TAXIPLUS drivers. Only those will be selected for TAXIPLUS orders. With TAXIPLUS you’re on the right way to up optimize your capacity.


Positive Image

A smart look, reliable quality and satisfied passengers guarantee TAXIPLUS a positive image which all TAXIPLUS drivers benefit from.

Free Training

As a TAXIPLUS driver you will receive additional training free of charge. We cover the appearance of the drivers and vehicles, the behavior towards passengeres, all the newest TAXIPLUS service features (i.e. Door-to-Door, Mobility Aid etc.) and a special First Aid Course, so you will be able to help immediately in emergencies.


More Comfort plus TAXIPLUS

Clean arrival

TAXIPLUS vehicle looks smart inside and out. It is clean and well-kept, free of unpleasant smells and tidy. There’s only musical entertainment if the passenger so chooses.


TaxiPlus Fahrzeug

As Good as New

A TAXIPLUS vehicle is not older than three years, well-maintained and damage free.

Drivers plus TAXIPLUS

Our passengers should enjoy each and every ride. TAXIPLUS drivers offer the best service available. They:

  • always choose the most cost efficient way to the destination
  • are always friendly, polite and respectful
  • act responsibly in traffic
  • accept short rides
  • await passengers and open the door for them
  • greet passengers with their name
  • proactively offer help and assistance
  • pick up passengers with an umbrella in case of rain
  • wait until their passengers have arrived inside their destination
  • avoid music and noise pollution in the vehicle
  • assist people with limited mobility 

Experiences plus TAXIPLUS

The TAXIPLUS additional training allowed me to offer more service to my passengers. I really like that.

After joining TAXIPLUS I immediately saw an increase in rides. What more could you wish for?

My passengers love TAXIPLUS.
Becoming a TAXIPLUS driver was the right decision.

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