A TaxiPlus driver holds open the door in the garage of the Vienna Hauptbahnhof for a young woman whose suitcase he's taking care of.

Luggage plus train platform

To start your relaxing journey even before the trainride, we will accompany you directly from the departure platform in the Wiener Hauptbahnhof. The luggage service is included of course.

This way you will always arrive at the train station dry and effortlessly. The parking fee of € 4,– will be surcharged to the ride fee.


This is how easy it is to select TAXIPLUS trainstation accompaniment::

Trainstation Accompaniment

On the main screen tap on “I want to book a” and the select the feature ‘Accompany to platform’. Done.
The app automatically puts down Wien Hauptbahnhof as your ride destination.

The door-too-door accompaniment features are selected in the TaxiPlus App.