A lady holds a cellphone. We can see the Home Screen of the TaxiPlus App.


We programmed the TAXIPLUS App so you can order your ride with one tap only.

If you want to define the specifics of your ride, you can intuitively navigate to all setting options in the homescreen.


You can configure a TAXIPLUS to your specific needs here.

Departure Time

You can pre-order a TAXIPLUS for a date and time of your choice.

Point of Departure

You will be picked up from here.

A cellphone showing the Homescreen of the TaxiPluss App lies on a blue surface.


The passenger is not always the person paying for the ride. With this input drivers will always know who to pick up.


You can find the setting to pay with your in-app saved credit card here.


Filling in a destination will calculate the approximate price of the ride as well as an arrival time.