A cellphone with the Buddy overview of the TaxiPlus App is held by a teenager.

Family plus friends

The TAXIPLUS App allows you to order a TAXIPLUS for family members and/or friends , track their ride on your smartphone and pay with your in-app saved credit card.

Especially parents (getting the kids from mom to dad, to the grandparents, to a party; a midnight ride home for teenagers after going out), relatives and cartakes will benefit from this service. Even companies can make good use of it.


Any other TAXIPLUS user can be added as a buddy. You merely have to send them a buddy invitation. If the ivnitation is accepted you will be connected within the app and use special TAXIPLUS features.

You can order rides for your buddy and will be informed when the rides start and end. You can also let your buddies track your ride (i.e. you feel more comfortable if someone ‘accompanies’ you on your way home at night). You can allow buddys to book rides that you sponsor with your in-app saved credit card. This way you can make sure your kid gets home safely with TAXIPLUS after a night out.


A guide on how to add buddies:


Here you will see who your buddies are. Icons mark who pays for whom.

An overview of the accumulated Buddies within the TaxiPlus App.

Adding Buddies

If you know their e-mail addresses you can invite family and/or friends to be your buddy with one tap only. Define sponsorships and choose a nickname.