A TaxiPlus driver accompanies an older lady on her way to the cab.

Door-to-Door Accompaniment

The superior TAXIPLUS Service is not limited to within the vehicle. Per request we will gladly pick you up from your front door or accompany you there. Your luggage will be taken care of as well obviously. In the TAXIPLUS App you can specify where you want to be picked up (Pick up from door) and where you want to be delivered (Accompany to door). It doesn’t always have to be a residential address. We will gladly pick you up from/accompany you to any other pre-arragned location (i.e. doctor’s office, hotel foyer, retirement home,…).

Booking rides for other people is possible with the app and it’s just as simple to select a pick up/accompaniment for your child or person in care. Just fill in the passenger name and select the according feature in the TAXIPLUS configuration.

If the passenger is your buddy you will be able to track the ride on your smartphone. A reassuring feeling.


This is how easy it is to be picked up/accompanied by TAXIPLUS:


Please fill in all the information for the stairs, the door and contact person and your TAXIPLUS driver will gladly pick you up.

Animation showing the process of entering a door-to-door ride in the TaxiPlus App.


If you disclose the exact address and contact person we will accompany you or the passenger you booked the ride for there.