A TaxiPlus driver get’s a suitcase out of the trunk of a TaxiPlus.


After an airplane ride you often just want to get home or to your hotel as fast as possible. Well, the fastes way is by choosing the TAXIPLUS Airport VIP Service. Not only will you be awaited in the arrival hall, we will park our TAXIPLUS in K3, the closest parking lot.

After a short walk you arrive at your TAXIPLUS and can enjoy the relaxing ride. The parking fee of € 5,– will be surcharged to the ride fee.


This is how to be comfortably picked up from the airport:

Airport VIP Service

Select the VIP Service in the TAXIPLUS configuration and fill in your flightnumber. Then all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

The door-too-door accompaniment features are selected in the TaxiPlus App.