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App overview

Your Ideal Cab

Here you can configure a TAXIPLUS to your specific needs. VIP airport service? A pick up from your door? …

Departure Time

The app will automatically choose the TAXIPLUS closest by. You want to preorder? That also works.

Point of Departure

The app will automatically spot your location. You can choose an alternate address as well.

A cellphone showing the Homescreen of the TaxiPluss App lies on a blue surface.


If you’re not taking the TAXIPLUS yourself you can enter the name of the passenger here. The option for ordering for buddies is also found here.


Conveniently pay for your TAXIPLUS with your saved creditcard. Of course you can save more than one credit card.


If you type in your destination the app will calculate an approximate price and the driver will know where to drop you off.

The Most Important App Feature


Book rides for friends, pay their fares and follow their ride on the map. A reassuring feeling, if your kids ride the cab for example.


Train Platform Accompaniment

Take it easy and enjoy your train ride before departure. We’ll accompany you and your luggage directly to the train platform of Vienna Hauptbahnhof.


Door-to-Door Accompaniment

Choose to be picked up from home. Or the doctors. Or the hotel lobby. Your friendly TAXIPLUS driver is just one click away.


VIP Airport Service

People landing want to get home or to their hotel as fast as possible. With the VIP airport service your TAXIPLUS awaits you at the entrance.



You regularly take the same route? Create a preset for the ride in the app and you’re one click away from being on your way.



The TAXIPLUS App makes it easy. The explanation of the homescreen makes it even easier.



More Information and FAQs on the TAXIPLUS app.